Saturday, June 23, 2007

New ESB Vest Version 2.0

My first Vest was made by my sister, Rebecca, from a darker gray cord-like-material. It had the same texture as the original but wasn't the correct fabric. I had the most trouble trying to twist this way and that to get it on or off. So I had to retire the vest.

Now for Vest 2.0! It is made from Tackle Twill which is the exact same material used in the original costume. It is around $9 a yard and is seasonal. I was able to obtain 5 yards of it to create my vests. I found an old shirt of mine that was big enough to wear over the jumpsuit. I then cut it up to make it into a pattern for the vest. I used the pattern to cut out the fabric and sewed it together with some batting in it. It has a Velcro Closure in back which is to much easier to get on and off plus it is just like the original costume. I am very impressed with how it came out and hope the second vest comes out just as nice.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New ESB Bonus Armor

A little over a year ago I bought a real Webley & Scott Flare gun for $300. I Molded it and cast replicas of it. I sold a few of these replicas but stopped since my mold wasn't the greatest. Well soon after I got an offer for a trade. Durasteal wanted one of my kits and said that he would make be a set of Aluminum Fett Chest armor. I agreed and sent him a kit. Well to make a long story short, after a year of emails, and reminders, and posts of "where is my Fett Armor", I got this in the mail yesterday. The chest, shoulder bells, and cod. They all are a near perfect fit for me. These will go great with my Aluminum Helmet!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

New ESB Wookiee Braids Version 2.0

A very skilled, and detail oriented woman, named Julie is making Wookiee Braids from real horse hair. How can you pass an opportunity like that? I placed an order for them back in December of 2006 for them and got them in about 5 months. Julie braided, dyed, and knotted this set of braids for me. I told her how I wanted the gray and yellow braid, and the placement of the knots for the black braid. She did it all.
esb wookee braids
I drew up a diagram how I wanted the ESB braids to be laid out. The ROTJ is a bit more complex. I already put in a second order with Julie for a ROTJ set and I am working on a drawing for those too.

New ROTJ Utility Pouch Version 1.0

I inserted several images of the side utility pouches into AutoCad for size and scale reference. I traced over the photo and created a pattern for the pouch. I printed it, cut it out, and taped it together to get a 3D version of what it looks like before I starting cutting the fabric. I adjusted the pattern a little to make it a little bigger and finally got a pattern I liked, and made my first two pouches. Just four more to go.