Tuesday, September 08, 2009

New Pre-Production 1 & 3 Flame Unit Connector

Here is another of Boba Fett's Rocket Pack greebles. It is seen on the bottom of his Rocket pack in the Pre-production 1 costume. The same Rocket Pack was used again in the Pre-Production 3 costume. In the Pre-production 2 costume this greeble was moved or removed altogether, as it is not seen with the others on the back of the pack. It is still unclear where this connector is located on the ESB or ROTJ Rocket Packs, or if it was on them at all. It is an ITT Cannon XLR-3-32 3 pin male socket connector. The female connector is an ITT Cannon XLB-3-110, however it was the silver end version that was used. This electrical connector is typically used for Audio equipment, but was used as the power source for the flame unit on Fett's left gauntlet. I've been on the hunt for the correct manufacturer for awhile. Once it was identified, I was able to track it one down and picked up a set. XLR-32 3 pin is pretty generic and you can find a lot of very similar style connectors, but ITT Cannon is the correct one with its logo stamp on the bottom and Part No. stamp on the top. It's all in the details.