Saturday, August 04, 2007

New ESB Gloves Version 4.0

Well I must be too picky or something. I ended up selling my Version 3.0 gloves and bought these instead from Galactic Bounty Hunter. I am much more impressed with the color, stitching and the size of the padding. But most of all, what sold me on these gloves, was its closure around the wrist. On the original costume, there is a Velvro closure and a small button right at the base of the wrist and these gloves do the same (while my V2.0 did not). I am going to get a second pair shortly.

New ESB Storage Pouches Version 2.0

I made these myself. Similar to the ROTJ pouches, I traced original photographs at full scale and used AutoCad to draft up a pattern. I made the left pouch identical to the ROTJ pouches, while the right one is more squared in shape. The flaps on these both go the same direction. I am slightly disappointed with the shine of the flap, but I hope it will go away with some weathering. I had to dye these to match as closely to my jumpsuit as I could. Not as easy when the material takes the dye differently. I made a second pair of pouches that I will end up selling.

New ROTJ Padded Vest Version 1.0

Yes it is actually different from my other Vest. They look almost identical, 'cause they were both made from the same pattern. However, This vest is slightly larger in size, and the Velcro goes from top to bottom along the back, where the ESB does stop four inches from the bottom.

I had a dickens of a time with the sleeves. I have had to remove them two or three times to get the right angle, look and make sure it was centered right. The neck is a little snug, but it does not choke me.