Tuesday, February 05, 2008

New ESB & ROTJ Shin Tools Version 2.0

The first set that I bought came from the same source where I bought all my armor. This time around I am making them from the original found parts, a paterson print squeegee, and a Paterson stirring rod. The squeegee was used to make two of the three identified shin tools. I will have to cut each of them to make them a little shorter and mold them in RTV silicone to make resin castings.

New ESB & ROTJ Rocketpack Harness Buckle

This buckle comes from a U.S Divers Aqua Lung KAM EZ suba pack. The straps and pack pak that holds the air tank were discarded as the buckle was the only thing used in the original costume. It is a detail that is not supposed to be seen, but can be in some production shots sticking out from under the vest. It was used for both versions of the costume. I will need to pick up a second one.

New ROTJ EE-3 Blaster Stock Plate

This details goes on both sides of the ROTJ stock. It come from a 1970 Revell V8 Visible Engine model.
Other parts from this same model were used for the ESB blaster as well.

Another identified model part that is on the ROTJ blaster is from a Revell F-4E Phantom II jet plane. I do have this kit, but I am going to have to get another, 'cause the part I need has already been glued to the model and I cannot separate it.

New ESB Concusion Grenade Launcher Holster

Here is another found item that I happened to come across scouting many online auctions. This holster is for a Nemrod spear gun. It is a strong plastic that came with a knife and spear gun. I didn't need the spear gun or the knife, so I resold them to help cover the original costs. This holster sits on Fett's right side and can barely be seen in ESB. He does not have a side arm in ROTJ. The blaster that goes inside this holster has not yet been identified. I will need to cut the end of it off so the blaster will stick out, and will need a new safety strap to help keep the blaster from falling out.

ESB Chest Lights Version 2.0

The first set of chest lights I bought from Richie's Armor. They were a fun set of LEDs, but they were not as screen accurate as I would like. The current set of chest lights I have was actually made by my Father-in-law. He designed the circuit, had the board professionally made, and soldered up all the components. He made around 10 of them, that I helped him sell. Currently I am in the works of creating a new display for the chest lights that I hope to get made in the future. It will have different LED lights, and have a 8 digit sequence.

Monday, February 04, 2008

New ESB & ROTJ Left Gauntlet Key Pad

What is a greebly? I would have hoped you would remember from earlier posts what it is. It simply is a term George Lucas coined as detail on a prop or costume that has no specific name. It's like calling it a what-cha-ma-call-it. This particular greeblie is a MQ1 Casio Calculator that was used on both the ESB and ROTJ costumes. Two parts from this calculator have been positively identified as being used on the original costume. The first part is the calculator button pad that is the detail on the left gauntlet.

The second is the circuit board of the calculator, which is seen in the key hole vents in the back of the helmet. This calculator is very rare and very collectible to Fett fans, as well as Casio collectors.

Loses and Gains

Over much thought and consideration, I decided to limit myself on my Fett stuff. I weighed what I spent, what I had, what my priorities are, and what I should do. I came to the conclusion that getting out from under our credit card debt was priority number one. That said, I sold my Aluminum helmet, armor, my bronze Webley & Scott Mk I Flare gun casting, the aluminum knee dart launchers, an extra set of utility pouches, an extra pair of boot spats, both jumpsuits, my Zam Wesell fabric, KYD-21 blaster kit, and finally my R2-D2 dome. All and all raising enough money to go towards our dept. Sad, but good.