Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New ESB & ROTJ Rocket Pack Stabilizer

This is the Rocket Pack Stabilizer (or Missile Targeting Range Finder according to the Visual Dictionary). This is a found item that comes off a vintage JA Michell Engineering Hydraulic Reference Turntable Sweep arm assembly. This little guy, and I do mean little, is the stand or base of the sweep arm. It comes in variable sizes. I was able to obtain two machined replicas that were made to match the originals precisely.

New ROTJ Wookiee Braids Version 1.0

This is my first set of ROTJ Wookiee braids, or 'scalps' made by Julie. They are braided from horse hair to closely match a diagram that I drew up based on the available reference photos. I placed an order for them in February of 2007 and they finally arrived! They are still missing one braid that I will have Mary-Frances braid for me. I will then tie them together and add a snap to the vest where they will attach.