Thursday, August 28, 2008

New ESB EE-3 Blaster Greeblies

I have actually had these parts for several years now. The first one is part No. 65, Connecting Rod on a 1977 Revell Visible V8 Engine kit. These kits are very popular, making them on the pricey side, if you can find one. The second part is a set of Tyco Electronic 6-pin Molex Connectors. They normally come in 'white', but the individual selling them was able to 'dye' them black with a plastic dye that chemically bonds to the plastic, altering the color. Don't ask me about how to exactly do this, as I have no idea. But it's not painted black, which makes them all the more cool.

New ESB Helmet Range Finder View Screen

This little guy is the lens seen on the bottom of the Range Finder. It comes off a Polaroid SX-70 Camera. The lens is the View Finder Lens on the camera, so it was ideal to be used where it is on the costume. The Lens itself is Magnifiying, so and Image I put behind it, is 'blown-up' on scale. The lens so far only appears to be on the ESB costume.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

New ESB & ROTJ Helmet Key Slot Circuit

This is the circuit board that is found inside the MQ-1 Casio Calculator. The calculator keypad was used for the left gauntlet, while this little guy was glued to the inside of the helmet. You can see it through the 'key slots' in the back. Just click on the images to see larger photo.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Updated All Photos

Well Rumor had it that my photos were not visible to all since I was linking them from So I reloaded every single photo, plus some new ones straight to the blog itself. So hopefully, they should all be viewable. Minus two.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

New ESB Utility Hip Storage Pouches Version 3.0

Same story with the ROTJ pouches, just wasn't 100% happy. I also made these out of a Cotton Twill fabric, tweaked the pattern a little, dyed them using Royal Blue and Pearl Gray. It was too dark of a blue at first, so I used a little color removal to get the color it is now. The color doesn't seem to be identical as it is in person as opposed to taking a photo of it. But they are done. I even added a Velcro strip to the top like the originals. Oh and this time the flaps are both going the correct direction.

Friday, August 08, 2008

New ESB & ROTJ EE-3 Blaster

Here is a 1917 Webley & Scott Mark 1 Flare gun. It is the base for both blasters. It is the second one I have been able to purchase, but I sold the first one (see brief story in previous posts). These babies are hard to come by. I will be molding this thing to make both blasters so I am not caring around a real flare gun. It is pretty heavy too. Isn't it beautiful?

New ROTJ EE-3 Blaster Greebly

This little model piece is off a Revell F-4E Phantom II kit. It was used kit-bashed and added to Fett's Blaster, on on either side of the barrel to cover over the 'Webley & Scott" logo stamp, as well as to give it a more futuristic look. I wont use these original parts on the finished blaster since that one will be a resin casting, but will cast these in resin too and use them. No point on having a replica blaster with orignial parts. If they broke or fell off and got lost, I would be up a creek.

New ESB & ROTJ Helmet Data Port

A Borden 3-hole Connector was cut from its base, turned upside down and fiberglassed in place in the helmet. This little guy is the nifty detail you see on the right cheek. Upon investigation, this particular model isn't the correct one, so I may upgrade these later if I ever do find the correct 3-Hole connector. Oh, this thing is used for drills by dentists. It is one of a few dental items used on the original costume.

New ESB & ROTJ Rocket Pack Connector

This is a BNC Connector that is seen among the other little greeblies on the backside of the Rocket Pack. It is likely that the connector itself was functional, sending power to the Chest Lights via a cable. There was also a stip of masking tape under it labeled "Supply to Digital 6 volts + on centre pin". These things are tiny. I am still looking for two of the five connectors seen.