Saturday, March 24, 2007

ESB Helmet Version 1.0, 2.0 and Bonus

My first helmet was a 1997 Don Post Licensed Mask (Don Post I believe went out of business and Rubies is now producing the masks). I cut out the Visor rubber to add a smoked T-Visor for better visibility. The paint job was quick and with no real detail.

My second helmet was an upgrade from the first, but I never finished it. It was a Don Post Deluxe recast. Someone had an Original Don Post deluxe Helmet, molded it and cast fiberglass copies of it. That is what this is. The Deluxe Helmet was molded off an original Pre-Production Helmet from LFL. I painted this much closer to the ESB helmet. I Liked it for the most part, but think I can do better next time.

This is my bonus helmet. I am not in-love with this baby yet, but the more time I put into it to smooth it out and re-paint it, I just might. I bought this from a talented artist from Sacramento, Brain S. aka Hand-Schaub. He was working at a bronze factory and was able to sculpt, mold, and cast this helmet in Aluminum. He only has made a handful of them. It is 100% rare as I have never seen anyone else offering aluminum Helmets before or since. With that, I cannot sell it as I would never have the opportunity to own anything like it again.

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