Sunday, March 25, 2007

ESB Honor Sash Version 2.0

This is my second Honor Sash that I cannot remember if I used in my first costume or not. The original Sash from ESB is a Found-Item called a Horse Girth. It is the belt that attaches to the saddle and wraps under the belly of the horse and connects to the other side. The first girth that I bought was white and too long for my waist. I dyed it a more maroon color and had to cut it down so it would not over lap on its self when I wore it. I was not impressed with how it turned out, so I sold it.

I found this one in a old Horse and Tackle shop out in the middle of no were when I was shopping for Hose supplies with my friend Wendy. It is a good color and fits around me perfectly. I may try to lighten the color a bit, but I am certain to keep this Girth for my ESB Costume.

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